Causes Of High Blood Pressure

Individuals that are concerned about their cardiovascular health will benefit by learning the causes of high blood pressure. Medical professionals often refer to this medical complication as “Hypertension”. Based on statistical data pulled from medical records, it has been established that millions of individuals suffer from this issue. Included in these statistics are children and teenagers as well. While this condition is considered to be the most common of all cardiovascular issues, it has the potential to be the deadliest. It is often referred to as the “Silent Killer” because it typically does not result in measurable symptoms. By the time an individual realizes that they are suffering from the condition, many degrees of damage may have already been done. Here, interested individuals will receive information on hypertension as well as the most common causes of high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Defined

In order to understand the causes of high blood pressure, it is first important to gain an understanding of the condition. When an individual experiences this issue, it indicates that the force of the blood being pumped throughout the body is considered to be exceptionally strong against the walls of the arteries. Individuals that suffer from this health problem have the potential to suffer from serious or life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease. The readings associated with your blood pressure are heavily determined by the amount of blood that is actually being pumped from the heart as well as the resistance that the blood encounters in the arteries. While the issue may take several years to develop, most individuals are able to control it by working closely with their doctor and ensuring that they are not contributing to the complication.

Causes of Hypertension

There are several potential causes of high blood pressure. As stated previously, this condition occurs when the heart is working extremely hard to pump blood into the body and the force of the blood is exceptionally high against the walls of the arteries. There are several different reasons why this situation may occur. While medical professionals state that they do not fully understand the exact reasons why this condition develops, there are many different risk factors and other conditions that may lead to the development of the cardiovascular complication. The following outlines these risks and conditions:

  •  Many medical professionals believe that excessive bouts of anxiety may increase an individual’s risk for developing high blood pressure. However, they agree that most episodes of hypertension occur when the anxiety is being experienced and that long-term bouts of this condition do not stem from anxiety.
  •  There are several lifestyle choices that tend to increase an individual’s risk for developing high blood pressure. Some of the most common causes of high blood pressure that are directly related to an individual’s lifestyle include smoking tobacco products, engaging in illicit drug use, consuming high levels of alcohol, consuming high amounts of sodium, lack of physical activity, and not consuming enough potassium on a regular basis.
  • Genetics seems to play a vital role in the onset of hypertension. Medical professionals have discovered that individuals that have a genetic link to individuals with high blood pressure tend to also suffer from bouts of the condition. In some instances, the bouts are intermittent. In other instances, the individual may suffer on a long-term basis.
  •  Those that are at a higher weight than is appropriate for their “BMI” or “Body Mass Index” have a higher chance of developing high blood pressure than those that are considered to be at a healthy weight. When the body is carrying more weight than is considered to be ideal, the heart is working hard to supply blood to all of the components of the body. As a result, the blood pressure increases dramatically.
  • There are certain racial groups that are more inclined to develop hypertension than others. For example, African Americans have a higher risk of developing the condition than individuals that are considered to be Hispanic or are in the Caucasian group.
  •  It has been established that males are considered to be at a higher risk for developing high blood pressure than women. However, when women are diagnosed with the condition, they are more likely to seek and engage in treatment.

As can be seen from the information contained in this article, there are many potential causes of high blood pressure. It is important for all individuals to understand that no one is immune from this so-called “Silent Killer”. As a result, it is essential for everyone to research the condition and assess their risk for developing the complication. By knowing the causes of high blood pressure, one may work to avoid developing this issue.


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