What Causes Warts On Fingers

There are millions of individuals that are interested in learning what causes warts on fingers. The warts that are most commonly present on the fingers, hands, and other regions of the body are a direct result of a specific virus that is referred to by medical professionals as the “Human Papillomavirus” or “HPV”. When this virus develops in the body, it often results in growth that is considered to be rapid and involves the cells on the outermost section of the skin. In most instances, the warts that become apparent on the body are considered to be harmless. Unfortunately, many find the condition to be embarrassing or in some ways, extremely bothersome when it comes to performing day to day tasks. In this health guide, a reader will learn more about what causes warts on fingers.

Up until recently, we knew that warts were caused by a virus in the body. In the past several years, research conducted on these often embarrassing skin blemishes have established that these are a result of viruses called the “Human Papillomavirus”. Many individuals mistakenly believe that this is just one type of virus, however, it is not. Medical professionals and other types of researchers have established that there are at least one hundred viruses that are considered to be a Human Papillomavirus. There are many doctors that believe that there are actually over one hundred varieties of these viruses, but those have yet to be discovered. In most instances, the warts on the hands are considered to be harmless. As a matter of fact, the warts caused by the Human Papillomavirus are generally considered to be harmless.

There are certain types of complications associated with HPV. However, warts on the fingers, hands, and other regions are not considered to be dangerous to those that experience them. If the Human Papillomavirus invades certain regions of the body, such as the components of the reproductive system such as the cervix, individuals have the potential of developing cancer. It is important for individuals to understand, however, that the viruses that result in warts on the fingers have the potential to be contagious – meaning they have the capability of spreading from one person to another. When evaluating what causes warts on fingers, you will discover that the warts are considered to be a contagious condition. Individuals that come in contact with those that have warts on the fingers or items that an individual has used may also develop warts on their body.

Many individuals may come in contact with an individual that has a wart on the fingers and may not develop a wart on their body for up to six months. In addition to this, individuals that have warts on their fingers have the capability of spreading those warts to other locations on their own body. In most cases, a wart will spread through a break that is on the skin. However, other complications, such as a hangnail may also result in the spread of a wart on the finger. If warts are located on other regions of the body, they could also be spread to the hands. Individuals that have cuts on their hands, their fingers, or have hangnails could develop these growths by coming in contact with warts that are on the legs, the arms, and other regions of the body.

When reviewing what causes warts on the fingers, individuals will likely discover the symptoms associated with the growths. These growths may be small or large, fleshy and even seem to have a grain-like appearance. In some instances, the colors associated with warts may be flesh-colored, white, tan or even pink-like. In nearly all cases, the warts on fingers have a rough texture and may be highly embarrassing for the individual that suffers from them. In most instances, warts on the fingers do not require any type of special treatment. However, there are many individuals that elect to have them treated because of the fact that they interfere with common activities or they are embarrassing. If you suffer from warts, it is important to understand what causes warts. By doing so, you will learn more about your condition and how to successfully overcome it and the complications associated with it.


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